Lovelyz’s Kei Prepares Solo Album Release With A New Agency

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Kei from the girl group Lovelyz has found a new nest.

Lovelyz’ Kei has officially joined a new agency, A2G Entertainment (Pop Music).

Earlier this December, the agency announced that they signed an exclusive contract with Kei from Lovelyz. Kei, who debuted as the main vocalist of the group Lovelyz in 2014, received a lot of love with numerous hit songs. Since then, she has been actively involved in various OSTs as well as solo albums. She also stood out as a musical actress through works such as Around Thirty, Song of the Sun, Death Note, and Excalibur, proving her versatile talent. In addition, the agency expressed its excitement and gratitude to start a new journey with Kei.

Meanwhile, A2G Entertainment (Pop Music) is a comprehensive entertainment company that oversees albums, performances, content production, and artist management as a subsidiary of WYSIWIG Studio, a comprehensive media content company. The agency is home to singer Yoon Sang, Clazziquai Project, Ailee, 3-member mixed vocal group SWAY, actors Heo Gyu and Song Joo Hee, rookie girl group First Love, and influencer Yurisa, among others.

In particular, Kei is preparing her solo album, which will be produced by Yoon Sang, a member of her agency, and his label and producing group called papermode. She is also expected to create a lot of synergy in various fields, such as singing OSTs for various dramas underway and appearing in the musical Crash Landing on You.

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