Lunafly and LC9 made fans go crazy at LukieBeat Fan Meeting in Manila

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On December 29, 2013, the day after groups Lunafly and LC9 had their successful performances at the Philippine Kpop Convention, both groups from Nega Network met the fans for a more intimate event. The event, LukieBeat Fan Meeting in Manila, was held that afternoon at Kpub BBQ. The VIP seats were the first ones to be sold out, proving how much the fans waited for this opportunity to meet Lunafly and LC9.

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The first part of the program kicked off with LC9. Rasa, Eden, King, Jun, J-hyo and AO were welcomed with screams as soon as they stepped on stage and performed Mama Beat. A lucky fan who got one of the towels from LC9 was then invited on-stage and was serenaded with the song Guilty by Dynamic Duo. Aside from performing, LC9 was also enthusiastic in answering fans’ questions and playing games such as stop dance.

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Sam, Teo and Yun started the second part of the program by singing One More Step. After their performance, the boys’ attention were caught by a Jollibee toy being held up by a fan. Jollibee is a fast food chain in the Philippines which Lunafly loves as mentioned in our previous interview with them. They also sang Chris Brown’s With You. The program wouldn’t be complete without them playing with the fans as well. Laughter was all over the place when Sam discovered that his fan who was holding a banner with his name, had LC9’s Eden’s name on the other side of the banner.

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As the program was about to end, LC9 and Lunafly both came on stage. Their respective fan bases surprised them with cakes and gifts. They were also given recognition for their participation at the Philippine Kpop Convention, which is a charity event.

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After taking pictures with fans, both groups waved their goodbyes to the fans and left the stage. After a few minutes, they rewarded the fans’ screams of “Encore! Encore!”. The nine boys cheerfully made their way back on stage, sang One Direction‘s One Thing and interacted with the fans for the last time.

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Check out the pictures at the fan meeting below:

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