M.I.K (Move In Key) 1st Promo Tour Press Conference in Malaysia

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New K-POP rookie group, Move In Key (M.I.K), made their way to Malaysia for an intimate and up-close session with their fans to promote their first music album Move In Key. M.I.K is formed by four members, consisting of the group leader Sin, the vocalists Jay and Czero and the group’s youngest member and rapper Sakoo.

Prior to their promotional tour, a press conference was held for the press to meet the group firsthand. M.I.K lightened the atmosphere of the room with their friendly and down to earth personality. M.I.K enthusiastically answered the questions in Korean, and their youngest member, Sakoo, impressed the press with his fluent English.


Welcome to Malaysia. What do you think about Malaysia?

M.I.K: Thanks for the very warm welcome. It is going to be winter in Korea, but it’s still warm in Malaysia. Thank you again for the warm welcome.


It is your second day in Malaysia.  Have you had the chance to enjoy some food right here in Malaysia?  So far, what is your favorite food?

Czero: Nasi lemak. We just have it for our breakfast this morning and chili crab as well. It was really nice, the Nasi lemak!

Sin: We like spicy food and actually added more of the hot sauce (sambal).


Where have you been in Malaysia? Any certain places?

Jay: We’ve been to the King castle near Mont Kiara. There is castle in my country too, but it is different from what we have seen here. We also went to Kuala Lumpur Twin Towers! We especially love the night view of Twin Tower.


Do you have any favorite singer or artist in Malaysia?

Sin: I know! I know a Malaysian singer. My favorite Malaysian singer is Michael Wong, and one of his famous song name Tong Hua (Fairytale). It is because one of my favorite singers in Korea Kim Hyung Joong remade Tong Hua () in Korean version. Besides him I also know Michelle Yeo, from the movie James Bond, and also famous shoe designer, Jimmy Choo.

You just made your very first album.  What is your musical concept?

Sakoo: Well, we are actually new retro idols. So our music concept is integrated of highly upgraded electronic KPOP music, creating KPOP dance music.


What is your next plan for M.I.K?

Sakoo: We are planning for more promotions worldwide, and we hope to really influence people’s heart through our music and emotions.

Sin: We also hope to come back to Malaysia often for more promotions.


Prior to M.I.K’s promotion in Malaysia, a member of Super Junior, Lee Donghae, promoted M.I.K’s promotional tour in Malaysia on Twitter. What is your relation or friendship between M.I.K and Super Junior’s Lee Donghae?

Sin: He is like my brother (hyung)! We all have good relationship with Super Junior. This happened since a long time ago, about 10 years ago. Besides Super Junior, there’s also Big Bang. We always cheer each other on.


Why did M.I.K choose the concept of retro-idols and decide to bring back the 90’s notably old style?

Sakoo: We chose it because right now every artist and idols in Korea follows the same trend and concept. We wanted to try to be more unique, because we have our own style of music and dance. By choosing a retro concept, we want to show our uniqueness, concept and specialty to the audience.


How would you see yourselves in 5 years’ time /near future?

Sakoo: For me, I just hope to really like… because Move In Key, it is basically about moving people’s heart with our music. So, by then, I guess I really want to influence as much people as possible, so that we can be known as people who do music and also do really good work. By then people can really acknowledge us for our music.

Jay: As a singer, I wish to promote in many more countries besides Korea. Besides, I am also pursuing as an actor in dramas, so I hope to be known not only as a singer, but as a famous actor too.

Emcee: Yea, Sin! 5 years… you want to be a good father?

Sin: Oh, yes it’s true.  I really want to be a good father in my family. Besides, in the coming 5 years, I am going to do my best in singing, acting and all industries possible as well.

Czero: I am going to do my best in my career and work really hard in our music.




Special thanks to New Pro Star for the media invites!

Event covered and Photographs by Aivin@hellokpop 

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