Malaysia ONE HD To Screen ‘The Village’ Starring Moon Geun Young, BTOB’s Sungjae

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As Yongpal and Mrs Cop will wrap up soon on Malaysia Channel ONE HD, two new dramas are now confirmed to take over the time slots. The new dramas will air within 24 hours from their first telecast in Korea.


Image credit: ONE TV ASIA

A fan of suspense drama? The mystery of The Village will keep you wanting more.

A seemingly peaceful village and its inhabitants are thrown into chaos with the sudden discovery of a corpse. As long-buried secrets are revealed and suspicions continue to mount, will the villagers be able to get to the bottom of the mystery and still come out unscathed?

Premieres 8 October, every Thursday and Friday at 8.55pm, on ONE HD (Channel 393)


If you’re a fan of historical dramas, Six Flying Dragons is definitely a must-watch. This tells the story of the fifth son of King Taejo, Lee Bang Won (played by Yoo Ah In). It depicts the ambitions and success stories of six people, with Lee Bang Won as the central figure. Lee Bang Won was the third king in the Joseon Dynasty. He helped his father King Taejo in establishing the Joseon Dynasty.

Starring actor Yoo Ah In and Shin Sekyung, how will the story unfold between two of them, when Lee Bang Won has to deal with the struggle and conflicts surrounding him?

Image credit: heraldcorp

Image credit: heraldcorp

Premieres October 6, every Tuesday and Wednesday at 8.55pm, on ONE HD (Channel 393)


The Village premieres on October 8, showing every Thursday and Friday at 8.55pm; Six Flying Dragons premieres October 6, showing every Tuesday and Wednesday at 8.55pm, on ONE HD channel 393.



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