MBC’s “How Do You Play?” Announced As No.1 Variety Show In June Brand Rankings

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Congratulations to the cast and staff!

The Korean Business Research Institute has recently published the latest brand reputation rankings among 50 popular variety shows. According to its list, MBC’s How Do You Play? has been hailed as the top variety program this June.

The rankings are based on various factors, including consumer participation, interaction, media coverage, community awareness, and viewership. The institute gathered a huge number of data from May 6 to June 6.

MBC’s How Do You Play? topped this month’s brand rankings with a score of 10,688,883. Some of the high-ranking phrases in the show’s keyword analysis include “MSG WANNABE,” “Director Yoo,” and “Jung Joon Ha.” The words “release,” “tear up,” and “transform” are likewise present in its highest-ranking related terms.

Taking the second spot is TV Chosun’s Love Call Center. The program maintained its spot with a brand reputation index of 10,012,181. Meanwhile, Channel A’s Steel Unit climbed up to grab third place with 8,752,596.

Check out the other variety shows who entered the Top 20 this June:

#4 PPONG School

#5 I Live Alone

#6 You Quiz on the Block

#7 Be My Daughter

#8 Running Man

#9 Alley Restaurant

#10 Radio Star

#11 Famous Singer

#12 My Ugly Duckling

#13 Immortal Songs

#14 Same Bed, Different Dreams

#15 The King of Mask Singer

#16 2 Days & 1 Night Season 4

#17 Tuesday Blue-White Battle

#18 The Return of Superman

#19 Trot Magic Performers

#20 Voice King

Source: Hankook

Photo Credits: MBC