MBC’s “Music Core” To Tighten Security After 3 Trespassers Got Caught

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MBC has released an official statement regarding unauthorized entry of individuals during the rehearsal of the TV show.

On June 30, in a released statement, MBC stated that it has come to its attention that three people were caught trespassing when the rehearsal of the show ‘Music Core’ was ongoing.

The company further stated that the people, who entered unlawfully, had stolen passes of others in order to gain entry. MBC is in an “undetermined situation” since it cannot decide who should be accountable for the unauthorized entries.

MBC clarified to the question about the security lapse. It stated that in the program ‘Music Core’, there will be many singers who are normally present in the building, and there are also people entering the building from several entrances. The TV network accepts that it can become difficult if it asks everyone to show their access cards. However, it has said that it will look into taking further security measures.

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