MBLAQ’s Seung Ho To Enlist Into The Military On His Birthday

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The MBLAQ leader will be entering the army on his birthday, which is October 16.

On October 14, Seung Ho took to his personal Instagram with a photo of his new haircut.

As his military enlistment is around the corner, the singer wrote a farewell message to fans: “After meeting with fans, my preparation for the army is complete! I will come home safely. 12th Division, Inje, Gangwon-do.”

Earlier on, Seung Ho’s agency Will Entertainment released an official statement regarding his national mandatory duty:

Hello, this is Will Entertainment.

We would like to announce the news of our actor Yang Seung Ho’s military enlistment. Seung Ho will be enlisting in the army for his national obligation on October 16.

Seung Ho is set to enter a boot camp in Gangwon Province instead of the Nonsan training center. He is scheduled to fulfill his 21-month military service after finishing his basic training there.

As Seung Ho expressed that he would like to enter the army quietly after spending time with his family, there will be no special farewell event on the day of his departure.

We would like to thank the fans who always support Seung Ho, and ask for your continued support so that he can safely fulfill his military duties.

In related news, Seung Ho recently signed an exclusive contract with Will Entertainment, which is home to actors Jo Min Ki, Kim Jae Won, Joo Sang Wook, Kim Ji Han, and Kim So Eun, to pursue his acting career.

All the best to Seung Ho and his future career!

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