Meet Rising Korean American Child Model, Ella Gross

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At a young age, Ella Gross is already an internet sensation.

Recently, Ella Gross is one of the hottest names on the social networks, not only in Korea and America but also in some other Asian countries.

Born in 2008, the little beauty impressed people with big eyes, elegant nose, fair skin, especially her sparkling smile.

At the age of eight, Ella became the model for many popular international clothing brands, including Zara Kids, Abercrombie & Fitch, Levi, and Lacoste.

Ella’s photos are also highly appreciated due to her various sharp facial expressions and creative poses, which vividly convey the designers’ concepts.

The child model is a mixed race girl with her American father and Korean mother. At present, she is living in Los Angeles with her family.

Despite the hectic schedule of a famous model, Ella still has daily activities and hobbies like other normal girls. She especially likes dancing and playing musical instruments.

Ella Instagram

Ella Instagram

Ella Instagram

To date, little Ella’s Instagram has roughly 152,000 followers. Run by her mother, the social media channel is regularly updated with her latest photos in both professional photo shoots and daily life.

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