Megan Fox wants Rain to go shirtless and help with the Ice Bucket Challenge

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Picture: Radar Online

Picture: Radar Online

Megan Fox has said in a recent press conference for her new movie that she wanted Rain to help her do the Ice Bucket Challenge shirtless.

Rain recently participated in the challenge and challenged Megan Fox, who earlier this month said that he was her ideal type.

“I heard about it today. Unfortunately, I’m sick so I can’t do the ice bucket challenge right now, but I will donate and then do it in the future.

“And, if I weren’t sick, my plan would have been to ask Rain to be the one that dumps a bucket of ice water on me, and I would have asked him to do that shirtless.”

Megan Fox was promoting her new movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in Korea.

Rain’s Ice Bucket Challenge

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