Melomance Puts a Spin To Classic 90s Song

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The duo releases a new version of composer Oh Tae-ho’s “Between Love and Friendship” digitally at 6 PM on May 19.

This song, originally performed by the rock group Pinocchio with Kim Seong-myeon as the vocalist, debuted in November 1992. It tells a delicate and heartbreaking love story between friends and lovers through its lyrical lyrics and melody. The song gained popularity through word of mouth, topped the ‘Kpop Top 10’ in early 1994, and remains a karaoke favorite even 30 years later.

Sonamu Music, the company behind the ‘Feel Again’ project which reinterprets 90s music with a modern twist by contemporary MZ generation musicians, stated, “Oh Tae-ho and Melomance are both acclaimed musicians of their times, beloved by the public for their music. This project aims to create a connection between generations through shared musical experiences.”

Jeong Dong-hwan of Melomance, who led the ‘Feel Again’ project and arranged and played the piano for the remake, shared his thoughts on the challenge of reworking a classic hit. He explained, “We strived to blend the original energy of the song with Kim Min-seok’s vocals, introducing new harmonies and rhythms distinct from the original. In the latter part of the song, listeners can enjoy an interplay between Kim Min-seok’s vocals and my piano performance.”

Jeong expressed confidence in their reinterpretation, encouraging fans to appreciate the new elements they’ve added to the beloved song.