Mina, SoReal′s Ryu Phillip Dating With A 17-year Age Gap

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Singer Mina and SoReal member Ryu Phillip have been revealed to be a couple despite a 17-year age gap!

Following rumors that the two artists are currently dating each other, on August 17, Mina’s label Bad Boss Company confirmed that they are indeed in a relationship, saying:

After checking with her in the morning, they met at an acquaintance′s birthday party in June and became a couple.

Ryu Phillip is currently in the army. Regarding this, Mina said, “We have been keeping in touch. I will wait for him until he′s discharged.” They are both kind and sincere. Please look on favorably so they may love.

Meanwhile, Ryu Phillip’s agency Star Empire Entertainment stated:

Because he′s in the army, it′s difficult to check the truth. Although we respect the statement made by Mina′s side, given the circumstances, we can′t exactly reveal our stance, so we ask for your understanding.

Mina, who was born in 1972, began her music career in 2002 with first album Rendezvous, while Ryu Phillip, who was born in 1989, debuted as part of the four-member group SoReal last March. Despite a 17-year age difference between them, the couple still fell in love with each other, and were spotted going on a date along the streets of Cheonggye Stream.



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