Miss A’s Suzy chooses Kim Soohyun as her ideal man

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Miss A‘s member Suzy chose her top ideal guy which was revealed as rising actor Kim SooHyun. Recently Miss A was part of the filming of MBC Music program All the K-pop; a program that asks the idol groups a lot of different questions.

On this day, Suzy was asked to pick her ideal guy through a ‘Ideal World Cup’ game. There were good looking actors in the running, like Lee JeHoon, Jo Jungseok, Yeo Jingu, Kim Soohyun, gag man Heo Kyunghwan, and artists like HaHa, Andy, Heo Gak, Lee Jun and many others. Without much hesitation, Suzy chose the names of some of these top good looking people and went to the final round.

In the last round, Suzy left the two actors who she had worked with, Lee JeHoon and Kim Soohyun. MC Boom asked:

“If you were given a 3-day break, which guy do you want to come up to your house with a sports car and a bouquet of flowers?”

Suzy seemed to struggle and hesitated before choosing Kim Soohyun. You can check out Suzy actually picking her ideal through the ‘Ideal World Cup’ game on All the K-pop on November 9th at 11pm.

Sources: (News & Photo) – SportsWorld

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