Miss A’s Suzy kisses Gag Concert’s Kim Jun Hyun?

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Suzy was the special guest for the August 26 episode of KBS 2TV’s Gag Concert – On the Occasion of Remembering the Turning Gate.

Kim Junhyun took the role as Suzy’s first love, dressing up like Seo Taiji. They pretended like they were going to kiss, saying, “Let’s show our love.” The love moment then just interrupted by comedian Kim Kiri, smashing Kim Junhyun’s head with a tray. But to everyone’s surprise, Suzy moved her head closer and many viewers thought they actually kissed.

As many fans displayed their worries about this to the young idol, Suzy confirmed that they didn’t actually kiss. On August 27, Suzy tweeted, “The tray is a really noisy sound, so I was really surprised! He didn’t actually kiss me!! It was a good experience! Gag Concert is awesome! I love the comedians!”

Source (News and Photo): TV Report

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