Miss Korea 2012 contestants parody “Gangnam Style”

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As Psy‘s hit track Gangnam Style is still in the spotlight, many people are continuing to release parodies of the track and one of those include the contestants of Miss Korea 2012.

Titled MIKO Style, the contestants will show their variation of Gangnam Style. The video begins by playing Pomp and Circumstance while displaying the contestants elegantly applying make-up onto their faces. When the song comes to a conclusion, a contestant removes her crown and opens a leather box revealing black sunglasses. All of the contestants are seen putting on sunglasses and Gangnam Style officially begins playing. Check out the video for MIKO Style below and tell us what you think!

[vsw id=”g5HwtvzQM6Q” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Sources: News – dkpopnews; Photo – dkpopnews; Video – DarkGoth91210

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