MOMOLAND Shows You How Its Done With Sizzling Teasers & Mystery Tracklist

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MOMOLAND is here to give you “What You Want” after 10 months of waiting.

MOMOLAND, the certified party queens, are coming back for their 5th mini album. Show Me will come out on March 20 at 6 PM KST so make sure to mark your calendars.

To hype up their return even more, they posted stunning teasers to highlight their breathtaking visuals. The first set of their teaser photos displayed each member’s personal style and color. Check out their mature style below.


After that, fans were treated to checkerboard chic as they posed for refreshing street style photos. Here, we see Yeonwoo, Ahin, Hyebin, Nancy, Nayun, Jooe, and Jane enchant the audience with their intimidating gazes.


Aside from individual and group photos, they show fans that yellow is the way to go with warm-lighted teaser photos. The femme fatale energy is just oozing from their pictures below.


Along with their photographic teasers, they also released the tracklist for their upcoming album. Show Me will have five tracks along with an instrumental of the title song. Among the new songs are “Falling U”, “빛나 (Shine)”, “Holiday” and “What You Want”. As of latest news, they revealed that their title track is called “I’m So Hot”. It is composed by Shinsadong Tiger making this their third track with the composer. Check out the tracklist below.


Teaser videos galore

Can’t wait for Show Me? Listen to their highlight medley as you wait. Their title track, “I’m So Hot”, is an explosive dance track with rock elements. “Falling U” is an acoustic treat that highlights their soothing vocals. Look out for “빛나 (Shine)” as it is guaranteed to make you dance along to its catchy melody. “Holiday” displays playful lyrics and fresh soundscapes. There’s a new summer anthem and it is going to be “What You Want”, the melody paired with the tropical EDM vibe will surely snag a spot on your summer playlist.

MOMOLAND gives Merries treat after treat! The girls made this hallway their own personal runway as they overwhelm us with their visuals and sultry gazes. Peek at their music video teaser below.

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