MONSTA X Hits The Top Of Various iTunes Charts Worldwide With “All About Luv”

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Number one was what MONSTA X got on various iTunes charts in numerous countries all around the world with their latest album release!

MONSTA X held not just the hearts of Monbebe, but also the top spot of numerous iTunes charts worldwide, for their recently-released full-length English album All About Luv!

The boy group had received lots of love back from their fans for their Valentine’s Day gift which came in the form of their sweet new album – as seen in how it successfully took over music charts all around the world following its release!

Unveiled at midnight worldwide, All About Luv proved to be a hit as it quickly reached its peak and strongly held on to the number one spot on the iTunes charts in a total of seventeen countries. This includes Belarus, Brazil, Brunei, Chile, Finland, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Malaysia, Philippines, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Thailand, Ukraine, and Vietnam.

All About Luv also entered the Top 10 in thirty other countries and placed number three on the overall Worldwide iTunes Album Chart as well. Peaking at number six on the US iTunes Album Chart, the album also charted at number three on the overall Pop Genre Album listing as well as the Top 40 US Pop Albums ranking on the music site.

Meanwhile, the group received much love in Europe as well with it reaching the fourth spot on the European iTunes Album Chart and ninth on the Top 40 UK Pop Albums ranking in iTunes as well.

In South Korea, MONSTA X also trended at number three right away on Melon’s real-time searches upon the album’s release in the country.

All eleven tracks from All About Luv also ranked prominently on Pop Hot Track chart in the music site, with “You Can’t Hold My Heart”, “Got My Number”, “Happy Without Me”, “She’s The One”, and “Misbehave” successfully appearing on the top ten.

Meanwhile, All About Luv is available on various music streaming sites including SpotifyiTunesMelonYouTube, and more.

Screengrabs from iTunes and Melon


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