MONSTA X Completes Deadly Teaser Photos Ahead Of Comeback

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Prepare to see two sides of your favorite idols as MONSTA X comes back with their second full album.

MONSTA X rides the comeback wave along with other idols.

The seven-member boy group will come back on October 22. To hype up the fans, the boys treated everyone to two versions of their godly visuals.

On October 8, they released Minhyuk and Kihyun’s teaser photos. For the light version, Minhyuk is shown rocking magenta hair while Kihyun mesmerizes fans through his powerful stare.

On the same day, they posted the dark versions for their teaser as well. The two displayed their sinister looks. It amplified the creepy background of the worn out bed and what seems to be blood coming from under the bed.

Shownu, Wonho and Jooheon flaunted their colorful locks on October 9. Shownu posed with a fiery red head while Jooheon sported iconic orange hair. Wonho tries out another combination of yellow and red, the total opposite of the silver and blue colors that suited him when they promoted for Fighter.

As for the dark version, the boys used their faces to effectively relay the emotions suited for this comeback. Their eyes seem to be speaking across the screen and into your soul.

For the last part of the individual inside photos, Hyungwon and I.M took our breaths away. With the air of fresh sophistication, they gazed at the camera with cold eyes of superiority.

For the dark version, Hyungwon and I.M brewed a more intense atmosphere. Hyungwon speaks through his eyes to show his emotions. I.M emits a deep and mysterious atmosphere coupled with a more mature vibe.

Aside from the individual and unit teaser photos, they also released the light and dark versions for their group teaser photo.

Get ready for a treat

MONSTA X just finished their promotions for their The Connect tour. With the last leg in Japan, it goes to show that their impact has reached its worldwide status. They will release another set of photos on the weekend of October 13 and 14.

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On October 15, they will release a film, while on October 17, they will finally drop their album’s track list. On the 19th, Monbebes would get a sneak peek of their music video and on October 22, their new album and music video will be made public. Stay tuned for updates through their Twitter.

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