MONSTA X Displays Superior Visuals In Concept Photos For New Mini-Album “No Limit”

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MONSTA X is really out here serving the greatest visuals that this world had ever seen!

MONSTA X showcases its absolute perfection in two sets of concept photos for the upcoming mini-album No Limit.

monsta x no limit concept photos

It seems that MONSTA X is never giving up on making the whole world stunned with their unrivaled visuals. Starting on November 10, the talented young men have attracted global MONBEBE with unique styling that emphasizes each member’s charm.

In particular, the first set of concept photos revealed on the 10th see Minhyuk, Hyungwon, and I.M. in chic figures with their black hairstyles. At the same time, Kihyun and Joohoney flutter hearts with a new transformation.

Each of the members poses against the backdrop of colorful and dreamy colors. This impressive visual let the members present their charismatic expressions, which further proved their magnificence.

The second set of concept photos revealed on November 11 showed a 180-degree turn from the previous scans. MONSTA X showed off a hip street fashion that focused on the members’ sharp profiles.

Specifically, MONSTA X reveals why the group is worthy of the nickname “face geniuses” with their shots that absolutely took every MONBEBE’s breath away. It is also not an exaggeration to say these concept photos may land their own magazine as the members’ poses are reminiscent of a model.

Meanwhile, MONSTA X is ready to blow up the music industry with the release of its new mini-album, No Limit. The album is expected to show an unrivaled presence in the K-pop scene to present worldwide performances without limits.

Moreover, Joohoney is in charge of producing the title song “Rush Hour” following his previous masterpiece, “GAMBLER.” Huge attention is focused on how the main rapper will use this opportunity to further present MONSTA X’s identity and confidence as a powerhouse group in this era of infinite competition.

monsta x no limit concept photos

Not only this, but Hyungwon and I.M. will also boast their deepened musicality with tracks that will prove MONSTA X’s strength as artists. Furthermore, MONSTA X is set to release its new mini-album No Limit on various online music sites on November 19 at 2:00 PM KST.

P.R. and Image Source: Starship Entertainment

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