Monbebes Mark Personal Best For MONSTA X By Exceeding 1 Billion Hearts For V Live Comeback Show Prior To Broadcast

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Good job in making MONSTA X feel your unwavering love and support, Monbebes!

Monbebes have shown how much they are ready to give the hottest response to the highly-anticipated return of MONSTA X today with Follow: Find You!

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A new personal best has been achieved by both Monbebe and MONSTA X as they successfully record over a billion hearts on their V Live comeback show prior to its live broadcast on October 28 at 8 PM KST, an hour after their much-awaited mini-album Follow: Find You and the music video for its headlining track “FOLLOW” finally storms the K-Pop scene with its release.

As of writing, the upcoming video has already recorded over 1.1 billion hearts – which is absolutely a huge increase from the group’s previous shows’ records of 600 million. It has also already garnered over 287,000 comments which are full of positive messages and strings of blue hearts for the group.

This new record of the number of hearts also went over the fans’ initial goal of giving the group 700 million hearts before their comeback show thanks to their unity, adding more reasons to celebrate this milestone.

Prior to the release of “FOLLOW”, MONSTA X had made fans emotional with the release of a music video for the song “Find You”, which serves as the first track for their mini-album. It currently has 1.5 million views on Starship Entertainment’s official channel since its release, plus over 330,000 on 1theK’s channel.

As of 9 AM KST on October 28, Follow: Find You also ranks number one on Synnara Records’ real-time chart.

Watch out for MONSTA X’s comeback show on V Live below: 

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Source: V Live

Photo from Starship Entertainment

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