MONSTA X Fascinates In Album Preview For New Mini-Album “No Limit”

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MONSTA X is absolutely out here providing amazing tracks that will delight every music fans’ ears!

MONSTA X showcases legit talent in enticing album preview for new mini-album No Limit.

The young men of MONSTA X ain’t here to play as they tease global MONBEBE with short exhibitions of the tracks in the upcoming album. In particular, the album preview lets fans listen to a bit parts of the songs that will absolutely captivate upon its release.

The album preview for No Limit begins with a cheerful whistling sound that resonates around the background desert. As soon as the album preview started, a strong twist faced global MONBEBE with a glimpse of Joohoney’s magnificent composition.

monsta x no limit album preview

“Rush Hour” will lead MONSTA X to victory as the title track for this much-anticipated return. The powerful beat signals a masterpiece that will showcase MONSTA X’s strong aura as a global artist. The album preview follows with a groovy rhythm brought out by I.M’s composition “Autobahn.”

“Ride with U” and “Got me in chains” herald a sensational feeling with the glimpse of the vocal line’s amazing tune. On the other hand, another I.M self-composed track “Just Love” provides a fresh charm with the rap line showcasing their irresistible vocals. Hyungwon’s composition “Mercy” actively captivated global fans’ ears, especially with Kihyun’s explosive high notes.

Finally, “I got love” is another Joohoney track that creates a warm feeling which doubles expectations for the album’s upcoming release.

Meanwhile, MONSTA X is up and ready to take over the music industry with the new mini-album No Limit. The powerhouse group’s dynamic musicality will show off its unique presence as Kpop artists who are not afraid to go beyond the limits.

Huge attention is now focused on the imminent album that will surely achieve numerous recognitions domestically and internationally. Furthermore, MONSTA X’s new mini-album No Limit will be released on various online music sites on November 19 at 2:00 PM KST.

PR and Image Source: Starship Entertainment

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