MONSTA X Successfully Takes First Music Show Win For “Follow” Comeback

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Their achievements speak for themselves – MONSTA X is unstoppable!

MONSTA X has successfully bagged their first music show win for their comeback with Follow: Find You and its headlining song “FOLLOW”!

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The boys had secured their first music show win for their latest comeback through SBS MTV’s The Show on its November 5 episode. Besting fellow contenders TXT and Song Ha Yea who collected 3021 and 5253 points respectively, MONSTA X had garnered a total of 6480 points leading to their win. Additionally, the group was the winner of the episode’s pre-voting round, showing the continuing amazing support from Monbebes.

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Upon receiving their win, Joohoney delivered a heartfelt promise to Monbebes. “There’s something that I’ve really wanted to say. We will become a MONSTA X who gets back up even if we fall down. This is all thanks to Monbebe. We love you,” he shared.

Meanwhile, Minhyuk said, “We, MONSTA X, will run forward holding each other’s hands”.

“Although things might be shaken up, we wll go ahead without breaking apart. Please keep on supporting us,” I.M also reassured fans.

After a sweet group huddle, the members also screamed “I love you, Monbebe!” and sincerely endowed a full bow to their fans who continued to give them unwavering support. They also posed for a photo with their hard-earned trophy afterwards.

Prior to the show, the group blessed Monbebes with selfies through the official SNS account of The Show.

During the episode, the boys also performed their song “Follow”.

Following the show announcement, fans happily congratulated the group for their win, along with showering them with appreciation and gratitude for their continuous hard work and perseverance. The #MXTikiTaka1stWin tag was quickly filled with celebratory messages from Monbebes and immediately took the number one spot on Twitter’s worldwide trends.

Congratulations, MONSTA X and Monbebes!

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Source: SBS MTV

Image Credit: SBS MTV and Starship Entertainment