MONSTA X Freshens Up Spring With New CFs For Tony Moly

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MONSTA X shows fans how to stay fresh in a very adorable way – just in time for spring!

Tony Moly has released new group and individual CFs of MONSTA X, toting its The Chok Chok Green Tea Watery Cream!

Photo from Tony Moly

Straying from their usual strong, sexy, and intense images, the boys of MONSTA X displayed their cute charms in the recently-released commercial films for Tony Moly’s skincare product. Their sweet smiles in the clips, together with the videos’ mint theme, brought out the same light and fresh feeling that spring breeze gives every time.

Additionally, the short clips brought out pure and cute healing charms – which are associated with the product’s main ingredient, green tea – from the seven members. The videos’ pastel theme also contributed in highlighting the group’s soft and cuddly aura which poses perfect for the brand and the season.

Each member starred on a CF of his own, and everyone also joined together in one sixteen-second clip endorsing the product in the most adorable and pure way possible. Like the expert commercial models that they are, the seven members gave a very convincing showcase of the moisturizing and refreshing skincare product from the brand encouraging Monbebes to try it out themselves.









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The group collaborated with the skincare and cosmetics brand in 2018 for a lip tint line partnership. Named “Get It Tint”, the products, which came in six vivid and neutral shades, received a very hot response from Monbebes upon its launch.

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