MONSTA X’s I.M To Narrate His Calm And Sincere Emotions In New Song “Loop”

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I.M will express his honest sentiments through a new emotional track with Baverse Studio!

MONSTA X’s I.M will treat global fans with the sentimental track “Loop” that will further explain his inner stories.


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As part of his participation in Baverse Studio’s “Welcome to My Baverse” documentary, the DUALITY singer will release a track that will capture his innocent emotions. During episode 2 of “Welcome to My Baverse,” the 26-year-old rapper introduces himself as Im Changkyun and tells a variety of stories from his younger days.

MONSTA X’s talented maknae revealed his inner sentiments and true emotions as he goes back in time. Specifically, I.M shared narratives of his childhood spent in different neighborhoods. His honest emotions of dropping out of school, breaking up with his first love, and debuting with the powerhouse group touched the hearts of many and were proud to see the youngest monsta sharing bits of his life.

monsta x i.m welcome to my baverse loop

In particular, I.M was visited by Junggigo, JUST B’s Lee Gunwoo, ASTRO’s JinJin, and a MONBEBE. They had a sincere conversation with I.M as he looked back on the turning points of his life. On the other hand, Joohoney appeared in I.M’s studio to bring forth heartwarming praises for his favorite dongsaeng.

“I.M may look dark in a way but as I spoke with him and spent each day, I realized he wasn’t like that. He is just a cute little brother. But it’s really hard to describe him with just one word.” — MONSTA X Joohoney

MONSTA X I.M Welcome to my Baverse

Moreover, I.M’s new song “Loop” will be released through Baverse Studio on September 3. The track is expected to bring forth a calm feeling that he has been working on expressing ever since.

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