Global K-Pop Scene Stealer MONSTA X Joins NCSOFT’s “UNIVERSE” Platform

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NCSOFT’s new entertainment multi-platform UNIVERSE unveiled its second planet! Its residents are none other than the global K-pop icons MONSTA X!

A new global platform is on its way to K-pop fans and it is called UNIVERSE. It started revealing the artists that will be joining it and the latest name is getting many fans excited. The talented “love killas” MONSTA X is the latest runner to open their own planet!

Monsta X Universe

On November 13, UNIVERSE announced that MONSTA X will also be joining its growing platform. Through it, the group will share various contents and will communicate with their fans around the world in real-time.

UNIVERSE is a new type of K-pop entertainment platform that allows users to enjoy various online and offline fandom activities anytime through mobile devices. In particular, it is expected to provide a new experience for global fans who support K-pop artists. The platform will also introduce different features and content.

Revealing the “STUDIO” option

With the reveal of a new artist, UNIVERSE also shared about another one of its features called “STUDIO”. This function allows users to decorate their favorite artists’ characters and produce music videos. Fans can style the characters by choosing their hair, costumes and props.

In addition, they can also decide on their own lighting, background and camera angle to produce a music video. The artists participate directly in the creation of the characters through motion capture and body scan.

monsta x universe

Iconic idols Monsta X

MONSTA X has been garnering a lot of popularity ever since their debut in 2015, with powerful performances and overwhelming stage presence. Specifically, the group released a full English album in the US earlier this year, titled All About Luv. It impressively ranked Number 5 on Billboard’s main album chart – Billboard 200.

The boys also attended the US’s TIME magazine’s TIME100 Talks event as the only performer. As such global representative group, MONSTA X’s joining of UNIVERSE is drawing keen attention.

The group recently topped music broadcast shows with their latest comeback and continue to prove their global popularity. They will show even more charms through the new platform.

UNIVERSE started pre-registrations on its official site on November 12 and is scheduled to be released in the global market early next year. More information can be found on the official website.

PR Source and Image credit: KLAP