MONSTA X Releases New Schedule For “FANTASIA X” Teaser Countdown

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Monbebe, the new dates to mark down in your calendar for the remaining sets of teasers from MONSTA X are here!

On May 8, MONSTA X released the new scheduler for their comeback with the new mini-album FANTASIA X.

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After announcing the postponement of their originally-scheduled May 11 comeback, the boy group shared the new dates for their teaser countdown prior to the mini-album’s new slated release on May 26.

Previously, MONSTA X had already revealed their individual concept trailers as well as the mini-album’s tracklist and two sets of teaser photos. On May 18, they would resume with the next set of teaser photos up until the 20th.

The music video teaser for the title track of FANTASIA X will also now be released on May 23 instead. Lastly, the album preview which will give sneak peeks at the songs they prepared for their return will be unveiled on May 24.

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In the official statement released by Starship Entertainment on May 4, the decision to move the group’s comeback was made in consideration of Shownu’s current health condition. It was revealed by the agency that the MONSTA X leader recently experienced back pains but is already being treated regularly for recovery and improving evidently.

Meanwhile, the group’s upcoming mini-album FANTASIA X will contain a total of seven songs. As usual, all of which has rappers Joohoney and I.M’s participation in writing lyrics.

Joohoney also co-composed the songs “Flow” and “Stand Up”, while I.M co-composed and co-arranged “Zone” with Yoonseok and Wooki.

Photo from Starship Entertainment