MONSTA X Gears Up For New Retro-Themed Web Variety Show With TWOTUCKGOM

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Old is the new hip indeed, and MONSTA X will prove this in yet another exciting web variety show!

NCsoft announced on June 29 that TWOTUCKGOM and MONSTA X will introduce a new web entertainment show collaboration called MONSTA X’s Newtroland once again!

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MONSTA X’s Newtroland will present the story of the group’s members who will be reinterpreting retro-concept items with the sentiment of “Newtro”, a combination of the words “new” and “retro”.

The web entertainment program will be released exclusively on TWOTUCKGOM’s official YouTube channel for a total of seven episodes. It will premiere on July 7 at 7 PM KST, and new episodes will be aired every Tuesday and Friday.

To commemorate its launch, TWOTUCKGOM and MONSTA X will host a V LIVE broadcast, and the web show’s OST “With TTG” will also be released on major music sites.

In addition to the new web variety show, NCSoft announced that they are also releasing new TWOTUCKGOM X MONSTA X collaboration goods.

This will include a variety of products, such as TWOTUCKGOM layered ring, which is based on the handwriting, birthday, and birthstone of the group’s members.

For every purchase, fans get the chance to participate in draws for various prizes, including a video call signing with the group. Items like cereal cups with the members’ handwritings, hologram random photo keyring, retro paper doll and ttakji (Korean paper flipping game) set, transparent photocard frame and set, and more will also be up for grabs.

TWOTUCKGOM’s collaboration goods with the group will be available at their official online store on July 7 starting from 10 AM KST. It will also be released on their offline stores on July 9.

“We will continue to do various activities that highlight TWOTUCKGOM’s unique charm,” said Kim Jung Ha, head of NCsoft.

Source: ZD Net Korea