MONSTA X Receives 2nd Music Show Win For “Rush Hour”

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Congratulations to MONSTA X and MONBEBE on #RushHour2ndWin!

MONSTA X takes home its 2nd music show win for the 10th mini-album No Limit‘s title track, “Rush Hour.”

monsta x rush hour 2nd win

Starship Entertainment

On November 24, the ravishing young men of MONSTA X topped the Show Champion charts against TWICE, ONEUS, Younha, and Jeon So Mi. So far, the powerhouse group now has two music show wins for the “Rush Hour” promotions.

In particular, MONSTA X snagged its #RushHour1stWin on SBS MTV’s The Show on the previous day. The monstas received the 2nd win trophy with relieved smiles on their faces. As they continued to extend their acceptance speech, the members can’t help but express their gratitude to their beloved fandom, MONBEBE.

monsta x rush hour


Kihyun, specifically, pointed out how they are now in their 7th year as an idol group. “Because of MONBEBE, we had this amazing experience and even heard that it’s our career-high now. I think we are experiencing a lot of things thanks to MONBEBE, so we always love you even more. MONBEBE, I love you!”

MONSTA X also expressed their longing for Shownu who is currently serving his mandatory military enlistment. To show that their leader will always be with them, Minhyuk even brought a cutout of the adorable bear during their encore stage.

As soon as the Show Champion broadcast ended, each of the members expressed their joy by taking proof shots holding the 1st place trophy. Hyungwon promises to show MONBEBE even better performances in the remaining days of their promotions.

While Minhyuk acknowledges that the trophy is MONBEBE’s. I.M, on the other hand, gives credit to their fans, saying that these are all happening because of them. The genius behind “Rush Hour,” Joohoney, affirms his love for MONBEBE, saying that they are the best and will always be the No.1 for them.

Meanwhile, MONSTA X has released its 10th mini-album No Limit on November 19 at 2:00 PM KST. The title track “Rush Hour” is a metaphor describing the crowded situation that we experience because of the pandemic. Furthermore, the members will continue promoting their 10th mini-album before flying to the US for the Jingle Ball Tour.

Source: Starship Entertainment, SBS MTV