MONSTA X Sweetly Scores Second Music Show Win For “Follow” Comeback

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MONSTA X keeps on burning it up as they continue collecting music show wins!

Another music show win has been bagged by MONSTA X as they emerge as number one on M Countdown‘s November 7 episode!

Monsta x

The septet stays on top as they make Monbebes extremely proud once again with their successful streak of music show wins! Bagging the crown for this week’s M Countdown, MONSTA X had bested Song Ha Yea after obtaining a total of 6427 points which battled with her 4679 points.

“We believe this award is made possible by Monbebe encouraging us to work even harder – and we will. Like we said before, MONSTA X and Monbebe will never fall down and we would like it if Monbebe would continue being with us in the future,” Kihyun addressed fans in his message upon receiving their trophy.

“I think this had been a really eventful year, but I hope that the rest of the year will be filled with happiness for everyone, without any exceptions. We, MONSTA X, will only think of Monbebe and do our best,” Hyungwon also said, wishing everyone the same happiness that fand are wishing for them.

During the show, the group performed their powerful comeback track “FOLLOW” once again.

After the show, Jooheon also shared a couple of selfies to congratulate Monbebes for their shared win.

“Monbebe, have you watched M Countdown? Thank you for making us number one and we’ll work harder. Let’s be happy today too,” he wrote.

Capturing their favourite moments on stage as the boys received their win and also sending out their congratulatory messages for yet another job well done, Monbebes quickly trended the hashtag #MXTikiTaka2ndWin on Twitter.

The group earlier took home their first music show win for “FOLLOW” on the episode of The Show last November 5 – showing their amazing tenacity and determination to keep on braving through together like true brothers.

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Source: M Countdown

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