MONSTA X’s Shownu And Minhyuk Release Their Heartwarming OST “HAVE A GOODNIGHT”

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MONSTA X’s Shownu and Minhyuk have finally unveiled their full OST track “HAVE A GOODNIGHT” today and it is as sweet as a dream!

MONSTA X’s Shownu and Minhyuk have surely got listeners swooning to their tunes after revealing the full version of their captivating collaboration track “HAVE A GOODNIGHT”. The track is a part of the OST of the Daum webtoon 취향저격 그녀 (She’s My Type) and is officially released today. 

The moment the track begins with its soft synth and bass rhythm is enough to make listeners fall in love with this sweet mid-tempo ballad. Singing, “Be in my arms, don’t worry/ I remember clearly/ When the stars fall, say your wish/ I’ll see you in your love/ I guess I won’t fall asleep/ The sound of your little breath tickles my ears/ Your day that shines exceptionally wasn’t easy/ You sleep well, now have a goodnight”, both Shownu and Minhyuk deliver a powerful performance and showcase their musical genius. 

While Minhyuk brings forth a sense of tranquility with his gentle breathy melody, Shownu harmonizes his vocals with Minhyuk’s and showcases his high notes and low toned falsettos with absolute poise. The lyricism is poetic and adds to the romantic style of the track. “HAVE A GOODNIGHT” is simply comforting – just like a cup of warm hot chocolate in a cold night.

Furthermore, a delightful live clip version of the track was released as well. Sitting amid a serene setting, both Shownu and Minhyuk serenaded fans with their honeyed harmonies and charmed with their mesmerizing visuals. 

The webtoon 취향저격 그녀 (She’s My Type) is the work of artist Roseong. It follows the story of a tomboy Haedam and her neighbor Chanyeol, who secretly works as a beauty vlogger. When she accidentally stumbles upon his secret, she promises to keep mum in exchange for his help to win over her love interest Hochan. “HAVE A GOODNIGHT” is a track from Chanyeol’s point of view for Haedam.

Besides this collaboration track by MONSTA X’s Shownu and Minhyuk, the OST of the webtoon also saw the participation of various ace artists including Sandeul, Grey, Kyuhyun, and Car, The Garden. 

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Video Source: TOON STUDIO

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