MONSTA X Caps Off Immaculate Teasers With Final Set Of Concept Photos

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MONSTA X proves once again that they are visual kings who deliver every time.

MONSTA X displayed style beyond their years across all of their recent concept photos. Starting off with a dark concept, the theme now is connected to previous introduced themes.

Their white theme reflects their angelic states. Nevertheless, their most recent addition to the concept photos is an unexpected feat. Posing with the forbidden fruit reflects their relation to the original sin.

The next series of photos shows their vulnerability once again, this time accompanied in muted tones. Joohoney, Wonho and Shownu contrast their hair colors as they wear the color of innocence.


Kihyun and Minhyuk rock the boyfriend look. Their comfy outfits make them look calm and approachable. These photos are completely different from their previous ones where they showed a hint of deviance.


It seemed that Hyungwon and I.M have fully transitioned into wholesome angels. Their recent photo contrasts the pictures they painted on the first series of teasers. Hyungwon’s face displays the feeling of innocence while I.M continues to baffle us with his godly visuals.


MONSTA X established their mark as a powerful and dynamic boy group in 2018. They gained multiple awards as well as various trophies from music programs. The band established its legacy being the first K-pop group to be included in iHeartRadio’s Jingle Ball US Concert Tour.

Their first comeback this year is highly anticipated. In addition, Monbebes can guarantee that MONSTA X will always deliver every time, if not even more. Their new album will come out on February 18th at 6PM KST.

Keep updated with the boys through their official Twitter account.