MONSTA X Captivates Global Fans With “One Day” Performance On “Good Morning America”

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MONSTA X showcased their impeccable vocals during their performance at Good Morning America.

The boys of MONSTA X presented Monbebe with a warm year-end gift through the release of their second English album THE DREAMING. To properly mark the occasion, the artists are currently busy in the States, meeting with their fans and promoting their new music. As one of their schedules, the idols appeared as guests on ABC channel’s Good Morning America, on December 13.

Monsta X

GMA is a morning show with high ratings, loved among local morning broadcasts. The boy group prepared a mesmerizing performance of their song “One Day”, a track that received high praise from prominent local media.

MONSTA X stole the viewers’ attention by showing the outstanding talent of each member. The artists stood out with their sweet voices and gentle charm, different from their usual intense stages. The individual vocals shined perfectly and demonstrated a memorable stage that stimulated winter emotions.

MONSTA X returned to the States with another compelling masterpiece, THE DREAMING.

On December 10, THE DREAMING began its release tour as midnight struck in countries consecutively. Hours later, the idols also dropped their full music video for the album’s title track, “You Problem”.

Previously, the group released “One Day” as a single, and sang about the pain of parting with a loved one and the belated realization that follows. In contrast, “You Problem” is an exciting disco piece that presented a reverse atmosphere.

The video further highlighted its playful atmosphere with its colorful setting and refreshing dance.

In addition, the album also includes “Tied to Your Body”, “Whispers in the Dark”, “Blame Me”, “Secrets”, “About Last Night”, “Better”, “Blow Your Mind” and “The Dreaming”. A total of 10 tracks showcase the artists’ unique musical color and present a different charm from their Korean album.

In particular, through the last track, “The Dreaming”, which holds the same name as the album, the talented group boasted soft and emotional vocals. The beautiful music number holds a message that will touch every heart and will make listeners question, and ponder about the meaning of goals and dreaming.

Artists with no limit

MONSTA X began its tour with Jingle Ball, which started in Philadelphia on December 13. They will visit a total of four cities, performing alongside many other big names. The destinations also include, Washington D.C. on December 14, Atlanta on December 16 and Miami on December 19.

MONSTA X solidified its position as a global artist with brilliant achievements. Through the artists’ first full-length English album ALL ABOUT LUV, released back in 2020, the group ranked fifth in Billboard’s main album chart “Billboard 200”. It also set records by being mentioned in  TIME’s “The Best K-Pop Songs and Albums of 2020”, and in PopCrush’s “25 Best Albums of 2020”.

Attention is now set on what kind of success will the Korean boy group achieve with its latest English release.

PR & Image source: Starship Entertainment