MONSTA X Previews Tragic Storyline In “Find You” Music Video Teaser

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Will MONSTA X ever get the happy storyline that they deserve?

MONSTA X instantly crushed fans’ hearts with the emotionally tragic music video teaser they had just released on October 10.

It seems like another heartbreak is set to unfold in the newest music video that the boy group will be releasing prior to their official comeback with the mini-album Follow: Find You – and Monbebes should brace themselves for the emotional rollercoaster already.

Released on October 10, the teaser for their upcoming music video for the track “Find You” previewed a tragic car crash that member Hyungwon gets involved in. Ending up bloody and hanging on for his dear life, the singer gets a flashback of his happy times with his groupmates while getting rushed to the hospital.

He is also shown struggling underwater – which connects back to the concept of the group’s previous releases, along with other elements like the watch from the music video of “Dramarama” appearing again on the teaser. Moreover, “Dramarama” also featured a car crash – with members Kihyun and Joohoney being the ones involved in it then instead.

Monsta x

A heart-wrenching line from the song was also teased towards the end of the video – signalling another release from MONSTA X that will surely hurt.

Serving as the first track to be released from the group’s upcoming massive comeback this October 28, “Find You” is scheduled to drop on October 22 with a music video that will definitely shake a lot of hearts.

Watch the music video teaser for MONSTA X’s “Find You” music video here.

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