MONSTA X To Brighten Up Days With New TWOTUCKGOM Web Variety Show Collaboration

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Another web variety show to spruce up Monbebes’ days will be brought by MONSTA X and TWOTUCKGOM once again!

Following the joy that Puppy Days brought, MONSTA X will be pairing up with TWOTUCKGOM once more for a new fun-filled web variety show set to begin this February 27!

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Titled MONSTA X’s TWOTUCKBEBE Day, the web variety show will have the boys taking care of an energetic five-year-old child all on their own.

With a plethora of adorable moments set to unfold, it is expected to show the group’s lively energy especially after they proved their images as “variety idols” by receiving enthusiastic responses in 2019 with their first web variety show collaboration with TWOTUCKGOM titled MONSTA X’s Puppy Days.

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Aired from July to August last year, MONSTA X’s Puppy Days displayed the sweet and lovely chemistry of the septet with puppies despite the challenging moments they faced while taking care of the seven high-spirited Bichon Frises.

Just like Puppy Days, TWOTUCKBEBE Day will be broadcast via YouTube every Tuesday and Friday at 7 PM KST. The web entertainment show will have a total of ten episodes, which will begin airing this February 27.

On February 24, a trailer giving a sneak peek of the group’s challenging adventure while taking care of their “Twotuck baby” was released to heighten fans’ anticipation for the show.

In addition to TWOTUCKBEBE Day, MONSTA X and TWOTUCKGOM’s team-up will continue being strengthened by the upcoming release of more new merchandise.

Ranging from backpack sets to body pillows, this wide variety of goods will be launched at its flagship store in Seoul, which recently opened a “TWOTUCKGOM Zone” special space for fans, and official online shop as well as Amazon for overseas fans.

Source: Starship Entertainment