MONSTA X’s Wonho Shares His Message To Fans And Tells His Side Of The Story In Newly-Released Interview

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MONSTA X’s Wonho addressed Monbebes in a newly-released interview after he was officially proven innocent from accusations made against him in 2019.

For the first time since October 2019, MONSTA X’s Wonho had made himself and his side of the story heard regarding the allegations made against him which were recently proven untrue.

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Addressing the issues which hounded him previously, the singer was recently revealed to have taken on an exclusive interview with media outlet Dispatch, who previously gave an exclusive report from an interview as well in 2019 containing the allegation made against him.

Conducted back in February while he was still undergoing investigations, the interview was released on March 16—shortly after it was announced that he was officially proven from the claims made against him.

“To be honest, my heart was not at ease,” Wonho shared, adding that it is because he is aware of his own wrongdoings.

“That is why I did my best, so that I did not have to live like that again,” he continued, noting that he braced himself for his fans. “I experienced receiving this thing called love [from them], and I did not want to disappoint them at the very least,” the singer said.

“Yes, it’s right; I acknowledge my past. I was too foolish then,” he admitted bravely—and added, “I have tried my best not to live like that again. I only think about the members, the group and my fans.”

Wonho also clarified that the charges against him were a misunderstanding.

“I never smoked illegal substance. The police are investigating it, and when my innocence is proven, please write about my story. I want to apologize and clear up the misunderstandings. I also want to be forgiven,” the singer said.

monsta x wonho

The Real Story Of His Past

Since his past was dug up to point out his mistakes, Wonho laid out details of it to the public. “I lived in a small rented apartment until I was 20 years old. My grandmother used the only room and my father, mother, younger brother, and I all ate and slept in the living room. At that time I didn’t know it was poverty,” he shared.

A shy and timid child back then, Wonho didn’t get along with his peers back in elementary school because they always ridiculed and bullied him.

“Sometimes they would make fun of me by saying I’m dirty, and sometimes they bullied me just because they felt bored. My friends didn’t like me at all. Honestly, there are many more memories that I don’t want to remember, but for short, I was alienated [by my peers],” he recounted.

Because of their financial status, the singer also remembered how his parents used to fight a lot. This caused him to spend a lot of time outside and get to know some of the older guys at the neighbourhood.

Since then, the bullying towards him stopped—and it seemed like they started to avoid him instead. At first, he may have been relieved seeing the look of discomfort on their faces and leaving his identity of being an outcast like that—but he didn’t really feel happy.

“One day, I was going down the stairs and bumped into someone who used to bully me. By instinct, I flinched, but the kid said “Sorry Hoseok” first. It was funny, even though it wasn’t supposed to be,” the idol recounted.

Moreover, the situation was still the same, and his parents still fought. He eventually became pessimistic, up until he reached high school.

“My parents argued on that day. Suddenly, I felt suffocated and I saw no hope in this house. I walked out of the house without thinking. At that time, I did not realize how important family really was,” the singer shared.

He then recounted how he started hanging out with new friends and got swept away doing things he shouldn’t have done. In fact, some of his friends were sent into juvenile detention centres under charges of special theft. However, the singer himself had only ever gotten probation and nothing more, unlike the rumors which circulated.

“I don’t want to put the blame on my friends because I also made a choice in that. It may sound like an excuse, but I was immature then and it was my fault. I’m sorry,” Wonho said.

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Overcoming The Dark Period

Wonho ran into a lot of difficulties in his teens, which posed as literally a stormy period with intense highs and downs. On his second year of high school, he then met Jung Da Eun, who was involved in the issue as well.

“We immediately became closer. We also did modeling jobs together. Da Eun helped me a lot. She even supported my dream of becoming a singer,” Wonho said, offering nothing but good words for his friend.

Despite his dark times as a teenager, the singer eventually saw bright times after he turned 20 and changed. With all his heart, he moved forward and tried his best to overcome the reality of life.

“I saw my friends practice like crazy. They were all dreaming of their own dreams and I felt embarrassed because I only lived in resentment then… it was at that time when I promised myself that I won’t waste my life anymore,” he shared.

—And he did stick to that promise. Wonho practiced day and night and whenever he had free time, he would head towards the stairs in the company’s hallway because he needed a place to practice alone. There, he constantly danced, rested, and danced again.​

“I joined the trainees who entered the company at the same time as me to dance and sing throughout the night. I didn’t feel tired, because there was a ray of hope in me that said ‘I still have a future too’. I was happy, and being with others was also very delightful. In those four years, I learned a lot,” the singer recounted.

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The Recent Happenings

In regards to the issues hounding him, Wonho humbly admitted, “It’s true that I had mistakes, but there are some misunderstandings made about me as well. Of course, I’m aware that these are things I can’t reverse. Not everyone who grew up in the same environment as me went down the wrong way and fell into such a situation. I reflected on myself a lot at the time I was put under watch.”

Aside from not making excuses, the singer owned up to his past and apologized. However, he strongly denied all accusations of using illegal substances, clarifying that he never ever went anywhere near any types of those.

“I acknowledge my past. However, what is false is false. I absolutely never used drugs. I have explained it clearly to the police,” he said.

The singer was officially proven to be speaking of the truth—which many had been pointing out all along—after the police also stated the same in their findings.

However, due to the issue, Wonho had to announce his departure from his group in October 2019, which broke the hearts of many fans.

“We made lots of efforts to prepare our new album. I’d hate to see MONSTA X collapse just because of me, so I thought I should leave the group as soon as possible so that they can continue their activities. I’d like to prevent the damage to them as much as I could,” he said about his departure—proving how much he really cares for his groupmates whom he has often mentioned that he viewed as brothers already.

“I can confidently say that I have completely changed after meeting Monbebe. I understood what it is like to be loved, and it made me want to live a good life every day,” Wonho continued, noting their fans as source of his determination as well.

—And rightfully so, as he has been more like a friend than an idol to Monbebe. His daily routine mostly consisted of composing songs, exercising, and communicating with fans. In fact, even when they were overseas holding their tour, the singer would make it a point to casually chat with Monbebe through 3-4 hour live broadcasts.

“Actually, this is the first time I feel such warmth which is why I don’t want to let anyone down. I just want to do the things that the fans like. I want to repay that love. But…” he trailed off, and followed through with his heartfelt expression of his regrets.

“I promised fans many things. I said that I would always stay by their side. I’m sorry that I could only leave like this. I also lived for, and thought of, the fans only,” he said.

“In the past, I lived as Lee Hoseok, and now as Wonho. Is Wonho not responsible for what Lee Hoseok did? I have to shoulder that responsibility. In the end, my past had given fans pain and I want to relieve that,” the MONSTA X vocalist added.

During the period of investigation, Wonho didn’t leave his house—and it has notably been a while. He lived in silence in order to avoid causing damage to those around him. During that time, he was cleanly and officially cleared of illegal substance-related allegations.

To this, Wonho commented that it was fortunate enough. “Even up to now, I can’t forget the fans. On the contrary, I am just so regretful. I feel regret, I should have done a little better. I did this interview because I wanted to apologize to everyone,” he expressed as the interview wrapped up.

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The Loving Response From Fans

The MONSTA X member said it himself—Monbebe had made him feel their love over the years, and their response showed that now is not the time to stop for them. In fact, the release of the interview where he put his heart on the table and sincerely shared his story made fans appreciate him even more as a person.

Many had commented on how they admired his determination to change into a better person as well as his courage to step up and talk about the past that he had learned from despite the possibility of it making him more vulnerable to others.

The hashtag #원호야사랑해 (translation: Wonho, we love you) immediately trended at the number one spot in South Korea and number three worldwide. #원호야사랑해 was filled with messages of support to Wonho, as well as showing him that he is, still and continuously, loved by many.

Moreover, fans expressed their hopes to see him again and to ease his heart of the burden and pain that he must have felt as he dealt with his situation in the past months.

Source: Dispatch


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