“My Universe” By Coldplay and BTS Notches 500 Million Streams on Spotify

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Welcome to the 500 million club, “My Universe”!

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“My Universe” showcases its superior staying power by raking in over 500 million streams on Spotify. Released on September 24, 2021, the Korean-English song skyrocketed to the top of the charts. Fast-forward to today, and the hit shows no sign of plateauing any time soon.

BTS Coldplay

BTS and Coldplay

You, You Are My Universe

BTS is known for their signature magical sound, whereas Coldplay practically has a trademark for enchanting music. When the 2 mega groups joined forces last year, the result was “My Universe”, which is nothing short of an intergalactic fairytale, literally (the official music video says it all).

Being pros at producing hit songs, Coldplay’s and BTS’ collaboration has now officially joined the 500 million streams club on Spotify. That’s yet another level unlocked for both bands; congratulations to the entire team behind this whimsical song!

My Universe; Taking Over The World

The song about a love larger than the universe has sat atop the Billboard chart for 16 consecutive weeks, so far.

Moreover, on the day of its release, “My Universe” debuted at the no. 1 spot on the all-genre US iTunes song sales chart.

In short, the track debuted at number 1 on multiple charts and is still shining brightly as we speak.

Will BTS and Coldplay be having another collaboration in the future? We hope so!

To Las Vegas

In other BTS news, ARMY is counting down the days until BTS’ concert in Las Vegas next month. With Jin recovering from an index finger injury just weeks before their departure to the US, fans have been sending well-wishes left and right.

Get well soon, Jin!

SOURCE: iTunes