N.Flying To Continue With “FLOWER FANTASY” For Blooming Comeback Promotions

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N.Flying will continue bringing blooming performances on stage with their b-side track “FLOWER FANTASY”!

N.Flying will keep on serenading fans on stage by conducting promotions for their well-loved b-side track “FLOWER FANTASY” as well!


Bringing delight to fans, the band will be jamming to one of their new tracks as a continuation of their comeback promotions starting this July 2 on Mnet’s M Countdown.

Running for a week, the promotions for the track will begin right after the band’s last stage for “Oh, really.” which leads their seventh mini-album So, 通 this July 1 at MBC Music’s Show Champion.

While “Oh really.” shows the two-sidedness of communication and features N.Flying’s pleasant energy, “FLOWER FANTASY” is a song that contains a message that happiness is waiting in the last minute, even if difficulties and challenging moment approaches.

Its combination of moody piano and powerful band sounds set an enjoyable arrangement with a different mood. After the mini-album was released, N.Flying decided to have a special promotion because this song received favorable reviews which said that “FLOWER FANTASY” is a hidden masterpiece of a dim historical drama style, and fans are excited to see its stage as well.

Leader Lee Seung Hyub, who wrote the song, shared, “Last year, we participated in a suicide prevention campaign and released a song [for it]. Someone told me through SNS, “After listening to N.Flying’s music, I was encouraged to live life to the full”. It made me write this song, hoping to be a comfort to them once again.”

“While making this song, I imagined those who think they’ve reached the end of the cliff to be turning back their steps and making them feel a beautiful fantasy like petals flying with our music,” the singer added, sharing his desire of conveying genuine hope to comfort people.

On June 29, FNC Entertainment also released the music video for “FLOWER FANTASY” on the official N.Flying Official YouTube Channel.

In this video, the appearance of a girl who has gotten tired of living and the powerful performance of N.Flying are combined. Towards its end, the face of the girl who flashed a light smile is shown through the flying petals, which implied an ending with hope through N.Flying’s music. In addition to the story, the explosive sound made by five people also doubled the mournful emotion in the video.

Meanwhile, the band’s live performances of “FLOWER FANTASY” will start on Mnet’s M Countdown on July 2, and continue on KBS’ Music Bank, MBC’s Show Music Core, and SBS’ Inkigayo.

Check out the music video for “FLOWER FANTASY” by N.Flying below:

Press release from FNC Entertainment

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