N.Flying Plays A Preview Of “Oh, Really.” With “N.Thing Playlist” And Music Video Teaser

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Pause for a moment and enjoy these new treats from N.Flying, N.Fia!

N.Flying has shared more sneak peeks for their upcoming mini-album So, 通 and its lead track “Oh, really.” with various teasers that have quickly piqued fans’ interests!


The band brought their best hits back on stage as they move forward with their comeback countdown through a medley performance titled “N.Thing PlayList” on June 4.

Hailing from their previous mini-albums and Fly High Project releases, N.Flying played “Rooftop”, “Autumn Dream”, “팔불출”, “놔 (Leave It)”, “Preview”, and “Sunset” once again for their fans.

Towards the end of the video, the quintet shared a snippet of their newest song “아 진짜요. (Oh Really.)” with a quick and energetic performance.

“Oh really. Really/ I’m a mess/ Stop pretending/ Speak honestly for me/ Oh really, oh really/ Oh really, yes really/ If you can’t look at me all the time, at least love me now/ Oh really, oh really,” Seung Hyub and Hwe Seung melodiously sang in their duet, with the other members playing a lively tune with their instruments along as well.

With a tune that has already lifted fans’ spirits and excitement, “Oh, really.” and the entire mini-album So, 通 is set to be released on June 10 at 6 PM KST.

On the evening of June 3, the band also shared their first teaser clip for the music video of “Oh, really.”

The music video teaser began with the N.Flying members appearing one after another, donning serious expressions on a dark background. Grabbing fans’ attention, Hwe Seung then sang the new song, “아 진짜요. (Oh really.)” in the phone booth while carrying a mournful emotion.

Afterward, the mood suddenly shifts around the “boring” N.Flying members, and Seung Hyub turns off the TV program which stimulates curiosity about the story of the music video.

Video and press release from FNC

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