N.Flying Releases A Rocking Cover Of Alan Walker’s “On My Way”

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N.Flying are definitely on their way to stun fans with this electrifying song cover! 

N.Flying unveiled a breathtaking cover of the track “On My Way”. The original track is composed by Alan Walker and features Sabrina Carpenter on vocals.  


“On My Way,” was released as part of the game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) as well. Alan Walker had teamed up with the game for their first year anniversary and so, players could listen to the track while they played the game.

The group released their version on their official YouTube channel and it was impressive to say the least! 

While “On My Way” is originally an EDM dance track, N. Flying gave their cover its own authentic personality with a rock meets dance vibe. 

Seunghyub, Hun, Jaehyun, Hweseung, and Dongsung, exuded fierceness as they embodied the exact looks of the players from the game.

Hweseung’s smooth vocals created quite the dynamic ambiance especially while harmonising to Seunghyub’s high powered notes.

Jaehyun wearing a helmet created quite a statement as he played the drums in a mind blowing manner.

Moreover, Hun and Dongsung on guitars added to the high octane atmosphere as well as the fiery energy of the track itself. 

In addition to that, some of the best moments within the music video for the cover track included, when Hun bit his guitar pick as well as when he showed off his beautiful vocals, Seunghyub’s low tones, Dongsung with his bass riffs, Jaehyun lighting it up on drums and last but certainly not the least, Hweseung’s dazzling high note towards the end! 

N.Flying really comes through with that intensely powerful energy that is sure to keep fans coming back for more. This is one cover that N.Fia would surely not want to miss out on!

Besides this, the group recently made their comeback with the album So, 通. The album stood out for it’s versatility as each and every track showcased the group’s prowess through various musical styles. 

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