Nam Joo Hyuk Confirmed To Star In Upcoming Korean Adaptation Of Japanese Romantic Film

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Actor Nam Joo Hyuk is gearing up to conquer the big screen again.

On April 4, 2019, YG Entertainment confirmed that the actor is set to star in the Korean adaptation of the Japanese movie Josee, The Tiger and The Fish. The Korean version will be entitled Joseph (literal translation).

Nam Joo Hyuk | Sports Chosun

Nam Joo Hyuk | Sports Chosun

The movie is about a disabled university student who has to ride in a stroller pushed by her grandmother. Additionally, the Japanese movie was extremely popular in 2004. In particular, Nam plays the girl’s love interest in the movie. However, there is no word yet as to who will play the female lead.

Nam Joo Hyuk | Esquire April 2019

Nam Joo Hyuk | Esquire April 2019

Nam just completed a series of fan meetings abroad. During the tour, he visited several cities like Hongkong, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Taipei. Additionally, the actor recently completed the jTBC drama The Light in Your EyesIn the drama, Nam received praise for his realistic portrayal of Lee Joon Ha, the love interest of the female lead Kim Hye Ja. Furthermore, Nam showcased improvement in his acting as he had several heavy drama scenes.

In 2020, Nam will star in his first Netflix original series Nurse Teacher An Eun Young opposite Jung Yu Mi.

The movie Joseph premieres in 2020 and filming begins this October.