NCT 127 Dominates Number One Spot In iTunes Chart For 32 Countries With “NEO ZONE”

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After owning domestic music charts, NCT 127 also kicked it high by holding the number one spot in various countries all around the world!

NCT 127 made the entire world their own NEO ZONE by endowing their captivating music – which dominated music charts upon its release on March 6!

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The group proved their thunderous global popularity once again as their latest album occupied the number one spot on the Top Albums chart of iTunes in a total of 32 countries all around the world shortly after its release!

These 32 countries where the group successfully shot up to number one were Australia, Brunei, Bulgaria, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Guatemala, Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Hungary, Indonesia, India, Japan, Hong Kong, Macao, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Laos, Turkey, and Vietnam.

Besides these international album charts, NEO ZONE ranked on top of various daily album sales charts on Hanteo, Synnara, Kyobo Books, and Yes24.

Earlier, the album had placed prominently on the Top 10 of numerous domestic music charts, including a booming debut at number seven in Melon. This marked a feat for the boys as the highest – and so far, the only Top 10 – debut from the unit and NCT over-all in Melon’s chart.

It also debuted at number one on both Bugs and Naver, while it also entered Genie at number nine.

Composed of thirteen tracks presenting various genres, NEO ZONE marks NCT 127’s second full-length album. It was headlined by the extremely catchy hip hop dance song “Kick It”, which once again showed the group’s powerful energy which matched their music colour.

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Photo from SM Entertainment