NCT 2020 Enthralls With First Set of Futuristic Teasers For “RESONANCE PT 1”

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NCT 2020 is all set to redefine and take over the K-Pop scene as it reveals various stunning previews for its upcoming album!

SM Entertainment’s mega-project boy group NCT 2020 surprised their lovely NCTzens with riveting sneak peeks for their upcoming album Resonance Pt 1.

NCT 2020

On September 20, the agency first signaled the group’s full return as 23 members through a new minimalist logo.

Highlighting the numbers “2020”, the logo further brought excitement to fans as it corresponds to the title of NCT’s large-scale project for this year.

Coming back with a more powerful lineup this time, NCT 2020 includes the current members of NCT 127, NCT DREAM and Way V.

Two new members under the NCT U unit namely Shotaro and Sungchan will also join the exquisite upcoming global project.

Hinted to be the group’s distinct way of communicating with fans, Resonance Pt 1 contains the message of becoming one through music.

Moreover, the album specifically consists a total of 12 tracks, two of which are the group’s lead songs namely “Make a Wish” and “From Home.”

This new music release will also marks NCT’s comeback as a whole in two years since the release of Empathy, which contains their singles recorded from 2016 to 2018.


In addition, the boy group also stunned spectators with their cinematic teasers containing the deep meaning behind their concept.

Unveiling their unique history through past music videos, the first teaser perfectly captured NCT 2020’s charms and overall chemistry.

As a heart-thumping melody plays in the background, the 1 minute and 29 seconds clip also showcased the members’ intense charismas and undeniable talents.

Published a day after, the second teaser contains the group’s promotion timeline for Resonance Pt 1, which will culminate on October 16, with the release of the music video for “From Home.”

The grand comeback schedule poster specifically outlines NCT 2020’s upcoming activities, which fuels spectators’ anticipation.


Along with the poster, SM Entertainment has also recently unveiled the details for NCT 2020’s Live Event titled “WISH 2020”.

Scheduled to air on September 23 at 6 PM KST via NCT’s V Live channel, the special event will feature all the project group’s members, wherein they are expected to openly talk about their upcoming album.


Furthermore, the boy group also recently bared a trailer titled “NCT 2020 YearParty”, containing the members’ dreamy visuals.

While showing off their futuristic and mature concept, the boys unleashed their undeniable charms through their manly and gorgeous looks.

As they strut confidently in matching blue and white ensembles, the group took fans’ breaths away with their intense aura.

The members’ intense charismas and piercing gazes also stood out as they show off their transformation and respective dashing looks. NCT 2020

Moreover, the ample use of effects and dramatic camera motions also added to the overall attractiveness of the trailer clip.

NCT 2020

NCT 2020

With these captivating previews, expectations are consequently rising regarding the group’s newest offering, which will surely set the bar high.

Meanwhile, NCT 2020 will release the first installment of its album Resonance on October 12.

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