NCT DREAM Unveils Hip Crew Video Teaser For “RELOAD” Comeback

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NCT DREAM loads up with a brand new teaser boosting more excitement for their much-anticipated return!

NCT DREAM unveiled a hip preview of what they have in store for their nearing comeback—including their new hair colors and fashionable outfits!

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The young boy group further emphasizes that they are all grown-up in the hip and stylish video teaser that they released for their upcoming mini-album RELOAD.

Set to be released on April 29 at 6 PM KST, the group’s fourth mini-album continues to receive high anticipation from fans especially as the teaser countdown for it finally commenced.

Following a captivating group concept photo at midnight KST, NCT DREAM shared a crew video at 6 PM KST on April 20 which they began by showing off their hip looks.

Sauntering off in style, the group looked like they were at a photoshoot with their fashionable outfits and dazzling visuals taking the spotlight proudly.

They then previewed two more settings with equally exciting concepts and towards the end, they showed posters splayed with the title of their mini-album’s lead track “Ridin'”.

Raising further anticipation from NCTzens, “Ridin'” is described as an urban trap song with heavy bass lines and strong beats. Moreover, its lyrics talk about passion and aspiration of walking towards a brand new path.

RELOAD will also come nine months after they released their successful third mini-album We Boom in July 2019, headlined by the track “BOOM”. It will also mark their final comeback with the current six-member promotion lineup, as SM Entertainment announced that they will be reorganizing the team’s system.

Source: SM Entertainment