NCT’s Jeno Takes Over Twitter’s Worldwide Trends With His Stunning New Hairstyle

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NCTzens lost it and we can’t blame them. Jeno was indeed stunning.

If you are wondering why “Jeno” trended on top of Twitter’s worldwide trends on June 18, it is because of NCT’s Jeno, who decided to sport a new hairdo that rendered NCTzens worldwide captivated beyond words at how beautiful he can actually look.

The NCT member stunned everyone with his overall appearance at The Show, which he hosts together with Yeeun of CLC. Dashing in pink suit, the singer sported an blonde undercut that leveled up his already perfect visuals.

Fans praised the god-like visuals of Jeno, even calling him “God’s favorite” for blessing him with good looks and talents.

“Jeno is not real,” another fan wrote. Many also commented that he looks “expensive” and “rich” in his new hairstyle and pink suit.

Meanwhile, another Twitter user called the NCT member “dangerous”. Twitter user @dons127 accompanied a short video of the singer while hosting the show, with the caption “How can anyone not fall in love with THE Lee Jeno.”

Others also pointed out his resemblance with Donghae when the latter sported the same hairstyle (in different color).

This is not the first time Jeno went with a light hair color as he also dyed his hair blonde during NCT DREAM’s We Young era. Fans called the recent change of style of the NCT member as a “glow up”, an upgrade to the previous blonde looks he served.

Check out some of people’s reactions on Twitter to the blonde undercut hairdo Jeno sported:

According to Jeno, he was asleep when they did his hair. So he absolutely did not have any idea how it would turn out during process. He also said it was shorter than he expected.

However, due to the sudden change in hairstyle, many fans started connecting it to a comeback. The singer addressed fans’ speculations, hinting that an NCT DREAM comeback may happen any time soon.

Can’t get enough of Jeno’s new hairdo? Here are more press photos from today’s The Show:

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