Netflix Confirms “Kingdom 2”, “Busted 2” & More Original Series To Be Launched In The 2nd Half Of 2019

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Announcing its 2019 second half roster, Netflix affirms 10 original series to be released on the largest internet media service platform.

In the recent 2019 Asian TV Drama Conference, Netflix unveiled the lineup of diverse genres that will be streamed in 190 countries. The array of creative work genres include drama, thriller, romance, reality show and stand-up comedy.

Rob Roy, executive vice president of content for Netflix Asia-Pacific, said, “Asia’s outstanding works are loved around the world across language and culture barriers.” I am happy to introduce various contents of creators,” he added.

“The story of a Joseon prince who saves a chaotic country from a plague, or the story of a health teacher who protects students with psychic powers is a good example of how creatively the artistry can be realized. Netflix will continue its journey to the overseas market with this artistic sense,” he ended.


Here are some of the original Korean series that are ready to be released on Netflix:

Kingdom 2

The sequel to the highly-popular series which aired early this year, Kingdom aims to continue its impeccable reign.

Layering history-inspired fiction with modern supernatural element, Netflix original series Kingdom takes you to switching level of thrills which decelerate quickly, only to upsurge the tension with its impressive cliffhangers.

Evidently proving why Netflix chose Kingdom as one of its pioneering Korean series production, the first season grips your attention fast with its dynamic yet clearly-pictured narrative.

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Busted! Season 2

With Lee Seung Gi onboard, the second season of Busted! eyes another riveting mystery unlocking adventure of celebrity detectives.

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School Nurse Ahn Eun Young

Playing the titular role of Ahn Eun Young, Jung Yu Mi is set to portray the role of a teacher who has the power to exorcise evil wandering spirits. She will be helped by the teacher character that will be portrayed by Nam Joo Hyuk.

Squid Game

An original Netflix series about people living as losers in their lives. They then participate in a mysterious survival game with a 10 billion won prize.

I am alone

Produced by Studio Dragon, Go Sung Hee suits up to a role of an office worker whose encounter with a perfect AI assistant, portrayed by Yoon Hyun Min, will bring warmth in her life.


Headlined by Kim Dong Hee, Jung Da Bin and Park Ju Hyun, the series depicts the story of a high school students who commit a crime to make money. Without remorse, they take the hard lessons in life.

Additionally, Park Na Rae will work her magic on a stand-up comedy that will highlight her daring outburst and humor.

Upcoming works of various genres and materials are being planned in collaboration with Netflix and Korean creators. Exact airing dates are yet to be announced.

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