Netizens react unkindly to Park Bom’s first public appearance

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Park Bom has made her first public appearance since her drug scandal erupted last week.

The 2NE1 singer was spotted on her way to Japan for a concert at Gimpo Airport.

She is currently on tour with the rest of her group for “2014 2NE1 WORLD TOUR ~ALL OR NOTHING~”.

Netizens have reacted unkindly and asked for the case to be re-investigated so that Bom could be ‘put in jail’.

“Relaunch investigations and put her in jail… The law system is changing for the worse..” One top comment on Naver said.

Another one comment said if Bom’s case was like in the past, she would have been called to retire.

“Times have changed too fast. In the past, this would’ve called for reflection or straight up retirement. Nowadays, large companies can just shield her and take down all of the articles, allowing her to go on world tours without a care for what anyone thinks.”



Park Bom’s drug scandal came to light after a Korean publication, Segye Ilbo reported that Bom tried to ‘smuggle’ drugs in from America to Korea in 2010.

YG came to her defence and said that he was aware of her prescription after she told him about a traumatic soccer event when she was still studying in America.

A newspaper article from 1998 and 2000 then showed that Park Bom witnessed a friend dying on the field during a soccer game.

Read more about her drug scandal here.

Source: Nate


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