NewJeans Gets Creative With Versions of Their Japanese Debut Single

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NewJeans unveils the jacket photo for their Japanese debut single “Supernatural” on their official social media channels.

The vibrant and carefree styling of the members immediately captures attention.

Of particular note are the striking bags donned by the NewJeans members. These colorful and charming bags serve as physical albums for Supernatural, crafted in collaboration with renowned pop artist Takashi Murakami.

This innovative endeavor showcases the creative prowess of NewJeans and their agency ADOR, known for their refusal to conform to the ordinary.

The album will come in three versions: a drawstring backpack, a crossbody bag, and an Uber version. Each bag features a fusion of NewJeans’ iconic bunny-shaped binky stick and Takashi Murakami’s signature ‘Murakami Flower’, rendered in vivid detail.

The drawstring bag also incorporates personalized character sketches of each member by Takashi Murakami, enhancing its appeal, while the crossbody bag offers a choice of five colors to cater to individual preferences. Both bags exude a trendy yet street-savvy vibe, complementing various fashion styles seamlessly.

The “Supernatural” physical album by New Jeans encompasses diverse elements such as a photo book, jewel case, booklet, photo card, and postcard, ensuring both collectible value and practicality for fans to carry around.

NewJeans’ Japanese debut single ‘Supernatural’ is set to drop on the 21st of the upcoming month, featuring a total of four tracks including the eponymous title track “Supernatural” and the B-side “Right Now”, along with instrumental versions. The track ‘Right Now’ was recently previewed as part of a Lotte ZERO advertising campaign on the 9th, heightening anticipation for the album. Pre-orders for the album commenced at 11 am on the same day.

Furthermore, ahead of their Japanese debut in June, NewJeans will stage their comeback in Korea on the 24th. Their double single “How Sweet”, which included the song “Bubble Gum” pre-released on the 27th of the previous month, not only topped YouTube’s Korean weekly music video and song charts but also secured the top spot on the global weekly chart, demonstrating their widespread appeal.