N.Flying Soars To The Top Of The Charts With “Rooftop”

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Yes, N.Flying , we want some more!

N.Flying ranks first on music charts four years after their debut. They took the number one spot on Bugs, a local Korean music platform. As of 11AM KST, they still held their rank on top. This is the first time they ranked first on music charts. Fans are calling it a modern miracle.

“Rooftop” is the second single of N.Flying’s FLY HIGH PROJECT. The project released it’s first single, “Like a Flower” on October 26, 2018, 6PM KST. On February 2nd, they released “Rooftop”. They received explosive response when they revealed the song to the public unofficially last year. After being announced officially in January, the song proved popular and was steadily rising in the charts. It reached number 4 on Genie and number 17 on Melon.

Thank you N.Fia!

Realizing that the song ranked 1st on Bugs, some of the members took to their Instagram accounts to thank their supporters. Cha Hoon posted about his suprise, expressed his love and thanked their fans. Yoo Hwesung cutely captioned a picture of their song on the charts with a gasp. He relayed that he was crying more now than he did when he was in the gas chamber while he was in the army. In addition, he promised that he will make their fans so proud. He also thanked NFia who helped them and suffered with them.

Kwon Kwangjin, a former N.Flying member posted about the achievement as well. He praised them, saying that they did so well and that he will support them from afar. He added that they should always stay motivated and to continue to make music like how they are now. In closing, he invited his followers to listen to the song more.

As a supportive senior, Lee Hong Ki congratulated the group for their achievement. He called them his babies and encouraged them to work even harder. In addition, he gave them the blessing to resurrect the band scene.

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