NO:ZE Talks About Her Appearance On “Street Woman Fighter” + Her Growing Popularity 

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Flaunting her charismatic and chic side, dancer NO:ZE gracefully nails her interview pictorial with 1st Look Magazine!

Talented South Korean dancer and influencer NO:ZE displays a fierce yet irresistible look in her sports-themed photoshoot with 1st Look Magazine.


Showing off her jaw-dropping projecting skills, the charming dancer veered towards a fresh and sophisticated aesthetic, while garbed in various monochromatic pastel-colored outdoor outfits fit for the autumn season.

Shot against plain yet very pleasing settings, NO:ZE further aced the pictorial concept with her strategic poses and classy hand gestures. A single glance at the photos and anyone will know that she perfectly understands how to work with the camera, given how attractive her lines and figure are.

NO:ZE’s visuals are shining on each picture, while her sharp facial features are really worth praising. She looks good no matter what angle and what outfit she is wearing, whether it is a baggy and bulky one or a tight fitted dress.

While sporting various cool facial expressions, the versatile dancer is able to prove why she deserves all of the endorsement and show appearance offers she has right now. She can pull off any concept given to her in an instant, which serves as a testament that she has indeed a bright future ahead.


In the pictorial’s accompanying interview, the well-rounded artist, who made a huge name on Mnet’s latest survival show, Street Woman Fighter, shared a piece of her mind on her growing popularity. As of current writing, NO:ZE has more than 2 million followers on Instagram.

She proudly stated that things are still the same for her but she cannot be active on social media as much as she used to be.

NO:ZE said, “I am grateful rather than uncomfortable. Sometimes it is rewarding to be able to influence someone. Still, I think we need to be careful about something.”

The lovely dancer also shared that she still does her usual hobbies and the things that make her genuinely happy. “I still like eating delicious food, listening to good music, reading books, and watching Netflix while lying at home. My daily life has not changed at all,” she stated.

When asked about what Street Woman Fighter means to her, NO:ZE said that the program is like a scaffolding with enormous springs and the trampoline she played on when she was young.

Fans can read her interview and see more of her glamorous photos by grabbing the latest copy of 1st Look Magazine.


Photos from 1st Look Magazine

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