NU’EST Tops Album Charts With 2nd Full Album “Romanticize”

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Wear your earphone because you need it as NU’EST goes rocket rocket with satisfying chart results!

NU’EST starts off its promotion for the 2nd full album Romanticize in a successful ride, seeing itself on top of album charts. While the album tracks rank high on several music streaming sites.

Released on April 19 at 6PM KST, Romanticize gained huge attention as it topped the real-time rankings on the Hanteo Chart, South Korea’s largest record sales site. Additionally, the album ranked on top of Sinnara Records and YES24’s real-time charts.

Relatively, the title track “INSIDE OUT” peaked highest on major online music charts in South Korea including Bugs and Genie. And it’s not only the group songs that received love but also the solo tracks, creating an amazing feat.

An album filled with various stories and interpretations about the theme “romantic”

Romanticize surrounds itself with the meaning of guiding all members in escaping from the frame of an ordinary daily life that kept on repeating without anything special. As all members actively participated in the album’s creation, NU’EST presented lots of unique charms that only they, themselves, can execute.

NU'EST Tops Album Charts With Romanticize

Particularly, the trendy transformation of the reversal icons and the impressive musicality of “INSIDE OUT” expressed the idea of returning to the other person with mixed emotions. Drawing public interest and proving the existence of NU’EST as the “Kings of Comebacks,” the album demonstrated the five members’ individuality that makes the group sensational than ever.

Visibly proving their growth as artists, NU’EST came back with the 2nd full album in about seven years since the first full album Re:BIRTH in 2014. The groundbreaking and colorful variations devised under the theme of “romantic” reaffirmed the aspect of NU’EST as a group filled with exemplary talent.

Meanwhile, heightened attention is now focused on NU’EST’s record march with Romanticize. Amazingly, the album made a good start in music and record charts domestically and internationally.

Furthermore, NU’EST released its 2nd full album Romanticize on April 19. Additionally, the group plans to continue its promotional activities starting with KBS2’s Music Bank on April 23.

Source: Newsen