‘Ode To My Father’ To Be Screened In The Philippines For Korean Film Festival 2016

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The Korean Cultural Center and Embassy of the Republic of Korea in the Philippines has organized a Korean Film Festival this year with a theme of “Strong Hearts”.

Among the five movies to be screened across the country, one of them is called Ode To My Father (국제시장). 

Ode To My Father

Ode to My Father is a tear-jerking film, mixed with a little bit of humor as Hwang Jung-min, Kim Yun-jin, Oh Dal-su, Jung Jin-young, Jang Young-nam, Ra Mi-ran and Kim Seul-gi portray the lives of the Korean people who struggled to survive during and after the Korean War.

The movie opens to the scene, with Deok-soo who is a grumpy aging man. As he strolls around the Busan market, he recalls how he lost his sister, Mak-soo, when his family tried to escape from the bombing incident caused by the intruders. His father, Jin-gyu, looked for Mak-soo by going down the ship. Knowing the consequences of what his actions might bring, he asked Deok-soo to be the breadwinner of the family during his absence.

Deok-soo tried his best to support his family. He started by shining the shoes of Korean businessmen and soldiers in the streets. As he grew up, he decides to get a job in Germany as a miner and even run into the Vietnam War.

Ode To My Father is directed by Yoon Je-kyun and distributed by CJ Entertainment. On its first weekend, the movie already earned $11 Million. It eventually becomes the 11th South Korean film that sold more than 10 million tickets.

Aside from the film Ode To My Father, there will be another four to be watched during the festival (from September 8 to October 16). The titles are The Beauty Inside, Confession of Murder, The Suspect, and How to Use Guys with Secret Tips.

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